Call Centre Facilities

During his address to Commonwealth Business Forum (CHOGM), Malta: A Place to do Business, HSBC Malta’s Chief Executive, Mr Shaun Wallis explained that Malta is an EU country with a well established legal, regulatory and commercial infrastructure. The Maltese workforce is well educated, highly-skilled, has excellent English language skills and very close cultural familiarity with the UK and Europe. It also has distinct cost advantages compared to Europe but with the full benefits of forming part of the EU.

“In order to succeed on the global stage, Malta must play to its strengths as an EU state. The high standard of Maltese employees particularly in the IT, communications and the financial services sector, coupled with the prevalence of English, make Malta an attractive place to base specialised customer services as well as back office operations for different kinds of international businesses. Malta has certain other advantages, particularly when taking into account low staff turnover and therefore lower recruitment and training costs. Additionally, we believe Maltese labour has the versatility, required skills and knowledge base and subject to sufficiently appropriate investment incentives from the Government we hope to take this forward. We envisage that an important initiative by the HSBC Group, such as moving high value Call Centre business to Malta will send a very positive signal to other large European corporations that Malta has an attractive environment to enable them to do their business here”, added Mr Wallis.

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